Morgan Marine Boatyards – full of history!

Over the years, we get many varied and interesting boats into the yard for winter overhauls, or longer, for restoration. Some have great historical significance and are full of history often dating back to well over a century. Maria, a beautiful fishing smack, is just such a boat. Built by Harris Bros at Rowhedge, in
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Ship’s Brass Telegraph - twin hammerhead design

Seafaring Memorabilia from Morgans

We were recently lucky enough to acquire two lovely pieces of Naval history with a view to offering to our customers. Siemens Brothers of London, Ship’s Brass Telegraph, twin hammerhead design and independent handles. Ship’s commands include: ‘Hard, Port, Steady, Course, Steady, Starboard, hand written on one head and Let Go, Slack Away, Not Clear,
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Jeanneau Leader 40

Stunning new Leader 40 arrives at Morgan Marine

Following on from its great reception at the Southampton Boat Show, our lovely Jeanneau Leader 40 has arrived at Morgan Marine generating plenty of interest! Not least by the large queue of traffic it held up as it wound its way through Brightlingsea’s picturesque approach roads! She is truly a beauty, both on and off
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Bulletin: Use of safety harness tethers on sailing yachts

Following the fatal accident on board the sailing yacht CV30 in the Indian Ocean on 18 November 2017, the MAIB issued SAFETY BULLETIN 1/2018, issued by Steve Clinch Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents re. safety harness tethers The Marine Accident Investigation Branch is carrying out an investigation into the fatal man overboard accident on board the
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used boats for sale

Sailing Yacht A – impressive or excessive?

Undoubtedly one of the most talked about yachts over the past few years… Sailing Yacht A has drawn global attention for her unique form, massive size and well-known owner. Built for Russian billionare yacht owner Andrey Melnichenko, the boundary pushing Sailing Yacht A is a natural head turner. Launched in 2015, the vessel is a sail-assisted motor yacht built in Kiel by
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MTB102 - old photo

Brightlingsea past – the MTB 102

MTB (Motor Torpedo Boat) 102 is shown here in Brightlingsea in 1946 is being decommissioned after serving throughout the second world war. (The boat in the foreground is ‘My Orthia’, built by James & Stone of Brightlingsea in 1946). MTB 102 was originally launched in 1937 making her the first MTB of the that era.
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Ric Morgan takes an NC33 to Windemere

One of our good customers, who has bought several boats from us over the years, recently purchased a new NC  33 from stock. These new NC’s are part of Jeanneau’s new fast/low sports cruiser genre with fantastic cockpits. They sleep 4/6 people with two twin berth cabins below deck. As with all our boats this
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Escape to the sun! Prestige 500 Flybridge

Okay, if we said sell up everything over here in the cold and wet (and snowy!) UK and live your life on a luxury motor yacht soaking up the sun on the Costa Del Sol, you might think we are a little mad…but wait, just listen… We have for sale a Prestige 500 Flybridge in
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Honda debut new BF175 to BF250 V6 outboards

#HondaMarine news: This week sees Honda debut new BF175, BF200, BF225 and BF250 V6 outboard motors at the 2018 Miami International Boat Show! Find more information from here: As a Honda Marine main dealer we supply, fit and service the entire Honda outboard range  So we are very excited at this new release and can’t
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Plastic – slowly killing something we love

More than eight million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year, yet at best the biggest clean-up organisations deal with just 0.5% of that pollution. Plastic has been found in the stomachs of almost all marine species including fish, birds, whales, dolphins, seals and turtles. This crisis urgently demands innovators, industry and governments to develop systemic solutions that prevent plastic
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