Sell your boat! Morgan Marine’s brokerage experience, commitment and enthusiasm are your guarantee to selling your boat! 

New reduced commission pricing as of 1st November 2017!

Brokerage charges - Up to £30,000 = 10%. £30,000 to £80,000 = 8%. £80,000 plus = 6%

Experience & Commitment

Sell your boat! With over 40 years’ successful brokerage experience we know what it takes to sell boats. Our dedicated team works continuously to get the highest value in the quickest time for your boat, whether it’s a 14ft dinghy, a classic yacht or a 68ft superyacht! We can broker boats from £2,000 to £1,000,000…

With the recent addition of our new brokerage office off-site we can attract even more potential buyers as well as guaranteeing you dedicated staff concentrating solely on the brokerage side of the business. We are open 7 days a week including Bank holidays, so sellers and buyers can always get in touch.

Marketing & Results

Getting your boat in front of potential buyers takes a variety of routes. Our own newly designed website has had considerable time and Screenshot of Used Boats for Sale sectionexpense spent on it to ensure it appears very early on when people are searching Google for boats. Once on it, potential buyers tend stay on the site for a long period.

Unlike the majority of Brokers, we run our own fully functioning boatyard, so can also offer potential buyers everything from moorings, to workshop facilities, a well-stocked chandlery and our own private slipway. We can arrange for boats to be delivered to new owners by land or sea, using our own experienced team.

Of course, it takes much more than this to sell a boat. We use many other Boat sale sites, i.e:

Which combined give us approximately half a million boat views from across the UK and Europe per year…

Sell your boatOf course, we still use conventional advertising. It has fallen by the wayside in recent years to online, but is still relevant as not all customers like using computers!

  • Anglia Afloat
  • Boat Mart
  • Boat Trader
  • Motor Boat & Yachting
  • Sports Boat & RIB

Lastly, we are very active on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) which can not only help with boat sales but just as importantly give confidence to buyers.

All this has lead us to achieve sales figures exceeding 200 boats a year and crucially at values our customers are very pleased with. We always achieve the best possible market value for you boat.

Sell your boat

What we can offer you

A same-day response to all brokerage enquiries

All your concerns and questions listened to and clarified until you are 100% clear of the process:

  • We create the detailed description of your boat and obtain full specifications
  • We can take all photographs
  • Your boats detailed ‘Sale information sheet’ created in-house and available within 24 hours
  • Your boat details matched to our database of previous enquiries and contacts
  • Within 48 hours your boat will be live on our website and all our partner sites shown above.
  • Emailed to private database shortly afterwards.
  • Magazine advertising within one month

A very fair commission structure, which starts off with a minimum charge of just £500 plus vat, from there:

  • Up to £30,000 sale value we charge 10% plus vat
  • From £31,000 to £80,000 sale value we charge 8% plus vat
  • From £80,000 onwards we charge just 6% plus vat

We offer all customers 3 months free storage in our boatyard (sole agency).

We never stop until your boat is sold.

No additional listing fees. Once your boat has sold you simply pay commission only, plus vat.

We handle all negotiations and take care of all the paperwork. We only require your verbal approval and a signature.

We handle all funds transfers. You take no risk of being scammed by buyers and we can release your boat sale funds to you by bank transfer

Preparation is the key to selling

To help the sale process and ensure that your boat has the very best chance of getting full attention from potential buyers, look at these few simple pointers…the market out there is extremely competitive so help us, to help you, have an edge of the competition!

  • Ensure that you have all documentation on your boat up-to-date and together in a single file or folder – including all service and maintenance records.
  • Cleaning is a must! The adage of ‘people can see through the dirt’ is nonsense. Boats are generally an emotive purchase – buyers need to be wowed and boats affected by sunshine, salt and deck grime – that can run down the side of the boat leaving streaks on the hull when it rains – will turn may buyers off. You may well need to clean it several times also, during the sale process. Your boat needs to be in pristine condition before any viewings.
  • Keep the hull clean – even if its moored on the water and out of sight. Removal of barnacles, algae and other sea life is essential to maintaining speed, performance and fuel economy and importantly shows a conscientious owner. A serious buyer will be looking for this and it certainly be picked up on a survey.
  • Ensure that all equipment on-board, listed as for sale with the boat, is in good working order. Not least that the engine starts easily! In addition, check rigging and sails, navigation lights, horn, bilge pumps, lights, winches, heating, gas appliances, generator, cooking facilities, taps and toilet.
  • It is important to replace anything that is faulty or is badly worn.
  • It is also important to remove any equipment or furnishings that you don’t plan to include with the sale. Likewise, personal effects BEFORE taking photographs.
  • If you are supplying your own boat images, for use in advertising, take them on a bright sunny day making sure they are clear and show the boat from every vantage point including detailed engine shots, galley, head, berths etc… There needs to be a least eight good images – ideally more! If an image doesn’t look sharp, discard it.

Sell your boat

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