Handover and boat training at Morgan MarineThe first principle of  handover & training is to ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE!

With many years of experience and as seasoned sailors ourselves we aim to make the handover experience of your new boat as pleasurable and informative as possible. We give a specific handover & training package, free of charge to all boat purchasers.

Ric Morgan at Morgan Marine
Ric Morgan. Consultant at Morgan Marine.

We always:

  • Conduct a dedicated one-on-one handover (and sea trial when requested, at our own boatyard using our own private slipway, by tractor or boat hoist
  • Go through a demonstration of practical boating procedures, as well as features and options on your specific boat
  • Fully explain any client observations and comments
  • Offer RYA Skipper training
  • Are available for contact, advice and support

Handover and boat training at Morgan MarineWe will cover all the basics in your dedicated handover & training, at a pace that suits you, keeping advice simple and checking as we go that you are clear:

  • Safety equipment and checks
  • How to launch
  • Correct fender and rope use
  • Basic understanding of tides & winds
  • Information sources (Tide, weather, etc)
  • Practical use of all boat equipment and electronics
  • Practical use of ship to shore radio
  • Harbour and open sea passage
  • Basic understanding of Buoyage & local bye laws
  • Slow and high speed manoeuvrability
  • Docking and mooring

Engineers on-board

  • Our dedicated engineer will be on-board at handover & training to discuss and explain all systems, valves, galley, toilet, electrics and electronics
  • Service schedule as well as handbook and warranty fully explained
  • You can discuss any topic with the engineer on your boats workings

Handover and boat training at Morgan Marine