Park & Ride – It takes all the hard work out of boating…

Park & Ride is the answer to carefree boating – pioneered by Morgan Marine in the 1970s! it is simple and easy to use.

Your boat will be stored on land in our secure boatyard. We will launch and retrieve your boat by tractor when you are ready. Our service pontoon provides safety for your crew to get on and off the boat – you don’t even get your feet wet! With no costs involving anodes or antifouling and the ability to wash the boat immediately after use, Park & Ride vessels are kept at their best; preserving their highest residual value.

Park & Ride - boat launching and recovery at Morgan Marine

Open 7 days a week
1st May – 31st August – 8:00AM to 7:30PM
1st September – 30th April – 8:00AM to 5:30PM

Features and benefits:

  • Our own private slipway
  • Service pontoon
  • Secure boatyard with CCTV
  • Private car park
  • Water and electricity available
  • Toilet & shower block
  • Launching trolleys for hire
  • You can visit your boat at any time, to work on, clean or just relax!

How does Park & Ride work?

  • Your boat is stored in our boatyard – with easy access to water + electricity pods
  • When you want to go boating – you simply arrive at our boatyard – you don’t have to book a time slot
  • When you are ready – we launch your boat from its trailer by tractor on our private slipway
  • We return your trailer to the boatyard
  • When you are ready to come back in – simply give us a call and we will retrieve your boat from the water and return to your designated slot in the boatyard

Meet the Park & Ride Team

The Park & Ride (boat launching) team at Morgan Marine


Up to 7 metres – £1,550 + VAT P/A

7 – 8 metres – £1,650 + VAT P/A

Inside storage available – please contact us for more information:

Up to 7 metres – £2,572.50 + VAT P/A

7 – 8 metres – £2,782.50 + VAT P/A