We buy your boat

Unlike brokerage, we may agree to purchase your boat outright.

Sell your boat

Morgan Marine are always looking for used boats to add to our stock list. Rather than using our brokerage service ask us for value on outright purchase. There are several benefits to this method:

Even with the best of brokers the marketing process can take time. A quick sale is never guaranteed.

You will no longer have to keep up the maintenance and cleaning of the boat while under brokerage – which is the case even if it’s in a broker’s boatyard.

With a successful sale comes the brokerage fee – around 10% and any other bills that have accumulated over this time for storage etc.

Once a price is agreed we complete the sale as soon as possible, with payment in the form of a bank transfer.

Sell your boat

If you would like to discuss your options please contact Ric or Steve Morgan, at Morgan Marine, on: 01206 302008 or email: sales@morganmarine.com

Or take a look at our brokerage page: https://morganmarine.com/sell-your-boat/

or complete the form below: