Showboat weekend at Morgan Marine!

Saturday 6th July and Sunday 7th July 2019 – a fantastic weekend of boats, music, food, entertainment & fun.


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An ancient maritime town, Brightlingsea is located at the mouth of the River Colne, it is a major yachting centre with the harbour and promenade bustling with activity. The town has a history of shipbuilding and seafaring. There are disused oyster pits near the Town Hard, where the Colne Smack Preservation Society can also be found. In 1347 five ships and 51 men were sent to the siege of Calais. ‘William of Brightlingsea’ was in Sir Francis Drake’s fleet which vanquished the Spanish Armada.

Brightlingsea has the distinction of being the only Cinque Port outside Kent and Sussex having been a limb of Sandwich since 1360.

Just 10 miles from Brightlingsea or a long walk along the riverbank of the Colne River!
Colchester is Britain’s oldest recorded town, with a colourful history dating back over two thousand years. It’s a history you can share by visiting the town’s award-winning museums where you can see collections of international importance.

As the former capital of Roman Britain Colchester has many important and unique Roman sites and ruins, but a lengthy history means there is plenty to discover from other eras of English History including the Normans, Tudors and Victorians who all contributed to Colchester’s story, as well as the English Civil War which made significant marks on the town.

Colchester Castle is the largest Norman Keep in Europe. Constructed on the foundations of the Temple of Claudius. The Castle Museum today reveals many fascinating layers of history to visitors.

Things to see and do in Brightlingsea

The 13th Century Jacobs Hall, in the town centre is timber-framed with an undulating tile roof and external staircase, it is reputedly the oldest building in England.

All Saints Church, which is sited on a hill about a mile inland from the town, was mainly built circa. 1250. Its impressive tower 97ft high is visible from 17 miles out to sea. Reverend Pertwee was so devoted to congregation that on stormy nights he would climb the steep tower to place a light on top to help guide the sailor’s home. The Church contains some Roman brickwork and a poignant frieze of memorial wall tiles, initiated by Pertwee, commemorating residents whose lives were lost at sea.

The waters around Brightlingsea together with sandy beaches and colourful beach huts provide plenty of opportunities for a family day out. There are many lovely walks along the seawalls offering ramblers and birdwatchers the opportunity to enjoy the diverse flora and fauna that abound around this beautiful corner of the Essex Sunshine Coast.

There are also many pubs and restaurants in Brightlingsea, including the Rosebud Pub on Hurst Green and the Yachtsman’s Arms, a stone’s throw from the waterfront.

Places to stay